Monday, February 7, 2011

Plumber Hourly Rate - Orange County


Are you seeking a plumbing company in Orange County with “fair hourly rates”? How about an “Affordable Plumber?”

1. What do you consider a “fair hourly rate” for a plumber?
2. How did you determine that “fair hourly rate”?
3. Would you pay for “overtime” to get a good plumber?
4. What do most people consider “affordable” these days?

The questions could go on and on and depending on who you talk to, the “plumber rate” could vary in range from $0 – “Are you kidding”???!!! That’s why Splash Plumbing does not charge “by the hour” but rather “by the job” Yes … it’s that simple

Can an “affordable Hourly Rate Plumber” promise that? I don’t think so!

What about “overtime” you ask?
Most plumbers charging by the hour will charge a premium hourly rate for overtime work. At Splash Plumbing, we have our prices already calculated in our company price book so, we don’t charge overtime! The price we charge to clear a drain at 2:00 PM is the same price we charge to clear the same drain at 2:00 AM! *Other charges may apply, contact our office for more information

In the event we run into a job that is not in our price book, we have a simple and effective formula that our professional Technicians use to determine what the actual charge will be. Our company policy is to inform our clients what the charge will be BEFORE we start any work. This eliminates the “surprise” factor and prevents us from charging our clients by the hour for any plumbing repairs. The best part is that the formula is the same on Monday as it is on Saturday.

Naturally there are circumstances that would require us to spend a little time diagnosing what the plumbing repair may need to be before we can quote the actual cost to each client. Our professional plumbing Technicians will inform you of any related costs BEFORE they begin any investigation or diagnosing.

Please feel free to contact us here at Splash Plumbing to answer any questions you may have regarding this issue.


Plumbing said...

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Netai Biswas said...

I started my Plumbing career at 17 in the Navy working on the monster super heated boilers and decided this was the career I wanted .. That was in 1965 and I still am learning everyday something new and still look forward to actually working with my hands.